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Robinson International was founded in London in 1982 as an independent inspection and laboratory business. The Robinson International now operates worldwide and is dedicated to offering independent services in the field of inspection, cargo integrity surveillance, analysis, chemical consultancy, mineral ores sampling and testing, etc. The headquarters are located at the Baltic Exchange in London.


Mineral ore sampling and testing was established in Africa in 2005 with the formation of a laboratory in the DRC called Robinson International Afrique SAS in Lubumbashi. The laboratory in Lubumbashi is accredited ISO 17025:2017. It supplies mineral and environmental analysis as well as assaying services.


The North American division of Robinson International has now established a state-of-the-art laboratory in Houston, Texas. The focus for this laboratory will be testing metals and mineral ore samples, along with research analysis. Philip Williams is the laboratory manger of the new facility and has set up the testing procedures and operations. Philip was previously the laboratory director of a metal and minerals testing laboratory for 20 plus years and the Robinson International is excited to have him on board.


Loss Control Surveying Services


Robinson International – founded in London in 1982 -recognized the concept of loss control for the petroleum industry and continues to be the industry leader by adapting to the changing needs and trends in the oil trading and transportation industry.

Robinson International offers comprehensive marine loss control services.  Our team consist of well experience professionals with over 25 years experience in loss control, project management, vetting, terminal inspection, port captains and claims specialists as well as specialized skill and experience in areas such as cargo logistics, and packaging and many others. Our team has wide variety of expertise most  of them have seagoing experience.

Loss Control is will ensure  that all the necessary data is available to assist in investigation and resolving claims efficiently, losses can be summarized as events due to ROB quantities, improper gauging, temperatures, leaking valves, terminal valves leakage or other mistakes. Terminal and surveying companies not following proper standards As prices of oil are increasing, we believe that is necessary to have a loss control company to monitor all the cargo movements and storage, and investigating claims efficiently.

Loss Control Surveying

  • Loading and Discharge Supervision
  • Assist the IIC inspectors
  • Quality Assurance and Laboratory Services
  • Voyage Analysis Report
  • Certificate of Quantity.
  • Certificate of Quality.
  • OBQ/ROB Report/s.
  • Shore Line Fullness Verification (SLFV) with line capacity.
  • Measurements of Bulk Cargoes by Draft Survey.

Related Loss Control Services

  • Compliance with most current API Standards
  • Inspection, Sampling & Testing


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